Biomass Briquettes

Biomass Briquettes Biomass Briquettes are perfect bio-fuel substitute to coal and charcoal and finds suitability for heating industrial boilers for producing electricity from steam. Assisting in reducing carbon dioxide emissions through replacement of coal used in power plants, these are made of green waste and other organic materials and find suitability for applications involving electricity generation, heating medium and as cooking fuel. We develop these briquette using compressed compounds containing organic materials like bagasse, rice husk, municipal solid waste and other materials containing high nitrogen content.


Sawdust Briquettes

Biomass Briquettes Sawdust Briquettes are quality assured sawdust briquettes comprising hexagonal/square cross section charcoal bars composed of carbonized compressed sawdust. Supporting in providing even distribution of heat as well as in delivering longer burning hours, these deliver smokeless and odorless usage as well as low ash content. As a superior flammable matter, it is used as fuel to start and maintain fire. Further, being completely organic solid fuel these also have low moisture from waste wood left after processing with resins & binders existing naturally in sawdust briquettes helping them in remaining compact with no use of additives.


Agro Waste Briquettes

Biomass Briquettes Agro Waste Briquettes are high quality Agro Waste Briquettes that are perfect alternative for charcoal and coal. These briquettes are processed at advanced manufacturing unit using biomass energy and can be made available in different specifications as defined by customers. With these delivering excellent and cost effective performance, we ensure in them high specific density and bulk density in comparison to loose bio mass. Further, these are also easy to transport, load and unload as well as offer higher boiler efficiency due to low moisture and density.


Boiler Fuel Briquettes

Biomass Briquettes We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Boiler Fuel Briquettes for the purposse of Energy conservation in boiler. These are in huge demand from our clients. It can be used as a replacement to wood and coal. It is 100% environment friendly. As it is made up of Agri waste, it is a source of Renewable Energy Systems