Biomass Briquette

Biomass Briquette or white coal Briquettes is a form of fuel produced by drying chopped wood over a fire. It differs from charcoal which is carbonised wood. It produces more heat than green wood. Nowadays Biomass Briquette is made from Groundnut shells, Cotton hulls and salks, Castor seed shells, Forest leaves; wood chips and shavings, Sugarcane bagasse, Rice husk and paddy straw, Mustard waste, Coir dust, Coffee husk, Sunflower waste, Maize stalks, Bajra cobs, Sesame seeds oil cake, Wheat straw, etc.

India is fast becoming a major manufacturer and consumer of Biomass Briquette. A large number of companies have switched their boiler fuels to use Biomass Briquette instead of fossil fuels. The production of Biomass Briquette (Briquettes made of Biomass) using agricultural and forest waste is more common now a days.

Salient Features

S. No. Content/ particular Biomass Briquette (Green Energy) Coal
1 Calorific value 4000 - 4500 K.Cal./Kg 3000 3500 Cal./Kg
2 Sulfur Biomass Briquette is free of sulfur content.
No Health Hazards.
Excess Sulfur
Health Hazards
3 Pollution Biomass Briquette is pollution free Icon of Pollution
4 Moisture Very low results high burning efficiency
5 Volatile Matter 76.05 %
6 Fix Carbon 16.65 %
7 Fly Ash content Biomass Briquette consists only 2 to 7% ash 35 % (Approx.)ash
8 Availability Biomass Briquette is fuel of future.
It would be available in plenty.
In future would not be Available.
9 Fuel used in boiler (lesser cost / better heat result ) Costs lesser than Coal / Saw dust / wood / husk (Bhusa )
10 Storage Easy to store in comparison to Coal / Saw dust / wood / husk (Bhusa) Storing hazards
11 Loading / unloading / Feeding /Combustion Very Easy in Loading /unloading / Feeding / Combustion Loading / transportation problem
12 Density Approx. lignite coal
13 Environment No effect on health Pollutes / Observes oxygen Injurious To Health
14 Farmers economy Making rich to peasants / local employment Damaging agriculture
15 Carbon credit Attracts credit to the user industry which may either avail self carbon credit benefit, or transfer to polluting Industries under pressure of global warming Authority in exchange of invaluable value. Icon Briquette

Industry where Biomass Briquette are used:

Industry ( which may use ) Industry ( which may use )
Gasifier System application Solvent Extraction Plant
Chemical Industries Cement industries
Refractory Industries Food processing industries
Ceramic Industries Textile Unit
Milk plant Lamination Industries
Vegetable plant Brick making units
Spinning Mill Wood seasoning plant
Rubber Industries Any Industrial Thermal application